our story

Our business is founded on the belief that all this consuming we do doesn’t need to harm the planet, it can actually help it. We’re on a mission to make more products available that do just that – contribute to a healthier planet.

We started out with Scarborough Fair coffee and tea (launched in 2004). After seeing the positive change Scarborough Fair made in the world we were keen to find ways to make an even bigger difference. In late 2017 we launched Grounded Responsible Coffee, a modern fresh coffee that not only tastes great, but takes sustainability to the next level. The overwhelmingly positive response to Grounded, has spurred us on, and we are very proud to introduce blended. blended by definition means ‘harmonious combinations’, so we thought it was a fitting name for a combination of delicious ingredients, modern aesthetics and planet-friendly packaging.

One of our commitments to planet health is our ‘Buy One, Plant One’ program. For every purchase of our products, we plant a tree, so every purchase has a direct positive impact on the earth and lives of people who need it most.

We hope you will join us and make a difference.